Tech, TV and Text 100

 Quick – who is the biggest tech-phobic Bollywood celebrity you know?

We posed this question to Rajiv Makhni, Technology Editor and the celebrity host of several technology shows at NDTV, and also the author of a popular consumer technology column for Brunch, the Sunday Hindustan Times magazine.

Rajiv addressing Delhi Texties

Rajiv was our guest at our Delhi office recently for an interactive session with Text 100 consultants – as part of our internal ‘Meet the Press’ program, where we invite distinguished journalists for a freewheeling discussion on how we as a PR agency can work more closely with the press and add greater value to the work they do. 

For this meeting, our specific agenda was to better understand all the back-end production process that go into producing a slick, world-class show like Gadget Guru. Being the audience charmer he is – Rajiv patiently described a day in the life of NDTV Technology team. ‘Chaotic’ is how he termed the actual production process of a technology show on television – to the amazement of several among us. It was hard to realize that more than a half hour had passed while Rajiv walked us through the detailed mechanics of a humble gadget passing through the various testing and review stages, before finally earning its moment of spotlight on the TV show. The consultants at Text 100 had their questions ready and even as Rajiv answered each of them in honest detail, he offered us many insights that could have only come from a seasoned TV professional. All of us are learned souls now!

Making a finer point...

 Of course, it didn’t end just there – we even got a taste of Rajiv’s sporty side when he agreed for an impromptu rapid fire Q&A session. Many of the answers left us in splits. For the record, he did name the most tech-phobic Bollywood celebrity he had ever met. Our jaws dropped! 

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