The Unforgettable Yatras

When you think of the word ‘Yatra’ what is the first thing that comes to your head? There might be a gazillion things that you might relate it to, but I doubt you would ever associate it with Technology! SanDisk has made this seemingly contradictory phrase of ‘Technology Yatra’ a reality.

Fantastic customer response to the Memory Yatra

An innovative program specially targeted at the Tier 2 Indian cities, ‘The SanDisk Memory Yatra’, was a one-of-a kind initiative that proved to be a great success in terms of spreading awareness and knowledge about the SanDisk product portfolio.

This was a 7 city (Jaipur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Pune) initiative that spanned the greater part of the last year. The most eye-pleasing aspect of these Yatras was the Memory Van or the Memory Canter that was stationed at prominent places in all the cities. Imagine a bright red van parked in front of your favorite mall or your college? That is sure to catch your attention, I bet! This SanDisk Memory Canter was not static throughout the event, but took the city tour route which provided as great and effective platform to educate the consumers on the need for flash memory in gadgets.

This is how the Memory Van looked like

Furthermore, there happened to be another intriguing factor that played an important role in making these Yatras a success. Hosting the Memory Yatras before/during local festivals served as a good local message and created a huge impact and noise. For example, everyone knows that the Navratris are known to be one of the biggest festivals in the state of Gujarat. In conjunction with this thought, the Memory Yatra was hosted during the Navratris in Gujarat. The entire event had a festive tone to it, so much so that even the press release that was disseminated was titled, “Go Down Memory Lane this Navratris with SanDisk.” This localization of the press release proved extremely effective in getting quality coverage throughout the cities.

The Memory Yatras were hosted in two formats: either a media briefing was facilitated wherein Manisha Sood, Country Manager, India & SAARC, SanDisk, gave an informative presentation about SanDisk’s product portfolio or a select round of one-on-one interactions for Manisha Sood were facilitated with the journalists. Either way, the event witnessed presence of key media from vernacular and regional publications.

Manisha Sood with SanDisk flash drives

The consumer response to the Yatras were quite overwhelming and we saw a footfall of approximately  1000 people in every city. The audience were already technologically-inclined and this helped SanDisk get their full and desired attention.  To add on to this, the audience were also given a chance to win exciting prizes from SanDisk product portfolio and other SanDisk merchandise.

Owing to all the factors that worked in its advantage, the SanDisk Memory Yatra was a one-of-a-kind initiative that was  truly in every sense, “Memorable.”

– by Gitika Kapur, Text 100 Delhi