Leadership Blogathon: Colourful personality Insights at Offsite!

In keeping with a well known fact in the PR industry that extensive training and development is a part of everyday life for every employee at Text 100, we (20 leaders across 3 offices in Text 100 India, VOX and GRO) have just returned totally boosted by a 3-day offsite training on “Leadership Skills”, brilliantly facilitated by Shari Roberts and Anne Costello and an external trainer.

The offsite was certainly worth giving up a weekend for, as it threw up different faces of leadership (a much misused word) including effective communication by leaders. After a host of training sessions, discussions and workshops (and of course fun in trademark Text 100 style), we surfaced 3 days later with a lot of new insights and learning. One of the sessions that resonated well with me personally was a session on Day 3 by Shari Roberts (Senior VP, Global Human Resources) on the Insights Discovery Evaluator. This was an individualized Discovery Profile, an excellent investment made by the agency in each of our personal development paths. The evaluator summarized our personal styles, decision making preferences, strengths, potential challenges, style of communication preferences, potential blind spots and more.

So how was this done and what was it all about? Based on a questionnaire in which we had earlier responded to situations that relate to us in a work environment, a simple and accessible four colour model was used to understand each of our unique preferences. The output was a 20 page personality profile that identified our strengths and areas for development. The model, called the “Insights Discovery”, has its roots in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung first published in his 1921 work “Psychological Types” and developed in subsequent writings. It is continually validated and refined to ensure it is always accurate and deeply insightful.

Watch on as the Insights Discovery language sweeps through the leadership teams at Text 100 India offices – because it was fun to learn, inspirational to experience, easy to remember, effective and practical in application. We discovered that personality theorists have identified four distinct energies exhibited by different people: red, blue, green and yellow. Each colour stands for a set of attributes: for example, people with a high red energy say “Let’s do it NOW”, those with green say “Let’s do it in a caring way”, yellow is for “Let’s do it together”, and blue always wants to “Do it right”! Armed with the knowledge of your co-workers’ energy colours, you can “do unto them as they would be done by” and not as you would want done by you, making communication more productive, calibrated and result oriented.  All of us have one of these ‘colour energies’ as our dominant, preferred style of thinking, working and interacting with others. As leaders, the ability to tap into each of the other colours is crucial.

What Colour Personality are you?

These 4 energies drill down further into 8 personality types: Reformers, Directors, Motivators, Inspirers, Helpers, Supporters, Coordinators and Observers.  Typically we get stuck in our own preferred style according to our personality preferences, because for most of us, one or two colours are more dominant than the others. Discovering what it is like for us could possibly be the turning point for us to lead our teams better, and we’re all looking forward to put this into practice beginning NOW!      

Leadership Blogathon” entry submitted by Suchita Ullal, Managing Consultant (South), Text 100 India

 Image source: http://bit.ly/xTr3BH



  1. joshymathews · February 7, 2012

    Nice one, well written Succh….

  2. Sayantani · February 8, 2012

    Detailed, informative & compassionate – true ‘green’ style Suchi 🙂

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